Commissioner Tools

Updated Wednesday January 17, 2018 by CAC Administrator.

Check Request

Click here to submit a check request to the accountant. 

Only program commissioners may submit check requests, and completion of the form will require signing in with a Google account.


Bulk Check Request for Referee Fees

If you are submitting a bulk request for referee fees, you must download and complete the Referee Fees Spreadsheet and then attach this as the supporting documentation for your check request.  Documents or lists in other formats will not be accepted.


Donor Information for Thank You Letter

Click here to submit required donor information for a contribution of $250 or more.

IRS regulations required that the CAC provide a written acknowledgement for contributions of $250 or more.  The CAC will not send written acknowledgements for donations which are below this threshold. 


Corporate Sponsorships

If your program wishes to accept a contribution from a business, and in return provide public acknowledgement or a token of appreciation, then this is considered a corporate sponsorship and must be approved by the CAC.  If a donor's name and/or logo is printed on a banner, apparel or equipment, or published on any CAC program website, then this qualifies as public acknowledgement. 

Click here to view the CAC Sponsorship Agreement.  This form must be filled out by the commissioner and submitted to the CAC Administrator before any sponsorship contribution may be accepted. 



If you have questions, please send an email to